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October 28, 2010

Making Friends = Loving Life Even More

That's the truth.

Most of the friends I have made in Des Moines are people who live in our branch that we met at church. I am so grateful for church! Of course, the religious aspect is the main reason that church is so wonderful - sometimes I am astounded at the things that I can learn from the scriptures - but making friends at church is a definite plus. :)

I have met so many different people who are different ages and at different life stages and I love it all! We have been over to a few other houses for dinner and dessert, had visiting and home teachers stop by, and I've been out with other women from the branch as well.

I would be going crazy if it wasn't for all the great people around us. Thank you to all my new friends in Des Moines, and below are some photos of many friends from back home.

Lunch Group Friends! Nicholas & Coventry, Scott & I, Erin and Liz
Friends I Grew Up With! McKell, Emily, Me, Jayne, Amber and Nicole

Best Friends! Dave and Janice
Lunch Group Friends! Scott, Danny, Liz, Coventry & Nicholas, Erin and Mileah & Todd
High School Friends! Lizzy, Me, Michal & Lindsay, Brandon, Danny, Nicole & Glen


  1. i have a crush on every boy!

    ARROWED <-------------<<<

  2. Whatever happened to that son of ours...

  3. 1: Friends are awesome. I kinda like having friends. ;)

    2: Your talk = amazing. :)

    3: Benton Paul. LOVE him. He had a free outdoor concert at Riverwoods and my roommates and I went to it, and I loved it!! I had never heard of him before. haha! Now he's in my profile pic. :)