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October 31, 2010

All In A Week

Sunday was Halloween! Kind of strange when it falls on a Sunday. Scott spoke in church - he is a great speaker and I enjoy hearing his insights. I think he did a good job of captivating everyone because he presents things very well. He spoke about magnifying callings in the church and how we should first magnify our callings at home as parents and spouses. Great lesson! Primary was a little interesting today as one girl decided she didn't want to be in primary anymore. We had a nice one-on-one chat about making choices that turned out pretty well. We also had our weekly video chat with the Miller family - my Sunday highlight!

Saturday the weather was great! It was a perfect fall day with sunshine and a light breeze. Probably the last good weather day for a while, which is a little sad. I spent some time out and about to visit some sisters from the branch.

Friday we spent time together as we usually do on Friday nights - something I enjoy very much.

Thursday I baked and frosted dozens of cookies. I love to bake! I especially love to bake things for holidays to give to others. I have decided that October through December is my favorite time of year. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and there are holidays! I'd rather celebrate the fall season over the Halloween holiday, but it's fun all the same. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas because it's a reminder to everyone to be thankful and giving. Sometimes we can all use a reminder. :) We also received a package from mom and dad Miller. SO exciting! It included a picture of Scott's sister Melanie, fall decorations for the apartment, and some tasty treats.

Wednesday we went to Costco and got a membership. Yeah! We have been debating this for a very long time and finally came to a conclusion. I felt pretty grown up as it was our first time shopping at Costco without our parents. :) After our excursion I went to our Relief Society quilting night. It was great! I went with my friend TerriLyn and her darling daughters. I was able to learn a bit about piecing and tying quilts. I also got to meet more women from the branch and it was fun to socialize.

Tuesday I worked and Scott went to school. Epic.

Monday Scott took his anatomy final, ending the most heinous week of the semester. He also did a lot of cleaning (which I had neglected) before his body gave in to the illness again.

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  1. Reading all these posts is making me miss you more and more!