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September 13, 2010

You've Got Mail

Not sure why I titled the post the way I did, because I really didn't like that movie. Maybe I should reconsider? We now have a Netflix subscription (with a giant thank you to those responsible (you know who you are)) so I can reevaluate the film quite easily.

Anyway, I just checked my email as I do daily and quickly cleared out six of the seven emails. The one I didn't delete? It was from my grandma! Emails from family are always my favorite. Sometimes it's difficult to connect on the phone and get in everything you have to say in one conversation.

Notes from my grandma that I have enjoyed:
1. Pray about it.
2. If you only have spiders, not too bad. (She lived with chiggers and ticks in Missouri. No fun.)
3. I am doing sewing for the gives me purpose.
4. I know you will do well at any job because you have an aim in life. (So inspirational!)
5. We just have to be as happy as we can in our own backyards.
6. You will enjoy it there. (Again, so inspirational!)

Love you Grandma!

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  1. Isn't she the greatest! I was blessed with a terrific Mom and for you Gram!