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September 4, 2010

What's Hot and What's Not

Church. Thank Heaven that the Church is the same everywhere. I don't know how I would have faced the first three weeks without it.
Humidity. Literally. It keeps me from having to put lotion on ten times each day.
Popsicles. Not literally. They make the humidity bearable.
One-Way Streets. 
Timed Traffic Lights.
People. Church people, work people, school people, etc. I love them all!
Wood Floors. Easy to clean and they look great. Victory!
Our New Mattress! Seriously, the new bed makes all the difference.
GPS. We love our Garmin! We call him Garmy for short.


Smoking. Gross. SO many people here smoke. You would think they would remember it's a bad thing.
Insects. Well, mostly spiders actually. I have come to terms with the bugs, just not the spiders.
Bathroom w/out Drawers. Sad.
Bathroom w/Carpet. Gross.
Handwashing Dishes. Learning to love it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rachel and Scott,
    I lived in Missouri a couple of years and you brought back the memories of humidity, smoking and bugs...I had forgotten. You are a trooper and will do great!