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September 30, 2010

Scott's Week

Has consisted of classes and studying. A little eating and sleeping on the side of course, but mainly school (as planned). Last Monday he had a BioChem test. Last Friday he had his first anatomy test. Tomorrow he has another BioChem test.

Scott and I drive together in the mornings and when I get off in the evening I usually pick him up so we can go home and have dinner together before the studying starts again. We have a nice routine.

Today Scott left his phone at home, something that happens once every week or two. It is amazing that it is so difficult for us to survive without cell phones!  I was off early today so I was out running errands (I forgot to get stamps! Sorry Liz! That means your letter will be sent on Monday - maybe Tuesday). I called and text Scott a few times but figured he was in the anatomy lab or the library. Just before seven I got a text that said "Come get me please. No phone. Let's gchat when you get this". He sent me a text from the internet! :)

I logged into my email to Gchat (Google Chat) with Scott and found that I had three emails from Scott:
3:53 pm: No phone, come get me @ 9ish.  Respond when you can please?
4:38 pmNo phone, at school, please respond soon. Scared, Scott
5:32 pm: Save me please!!!

Oh boy. I went straight to DMU to pick up that guy I love. We came home, shared a bag of chips (yes a whole bag) and talked about our day. Now I'm blogging and he is studying. He'll be great tomorrow!

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  1. I'm catching up on my blog reading and I thuroughly enjoyed this post, and not just because my name was mentioned ;)