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September 27, 2010

Rachel Miller - Wife, Daughter, Optimist, Mormon

Maybe one day I'll get to be the star of one of these videos. It's quite the way to share your beliefs with others and let the world know about "Mormons". :)

Also, I am loving

The past weekend was really great (aside from the giant migraine that hit late Saturday night). Saturday I spent most of the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry while Scott studied away, then Scott and I went out for a bit to get him a new pillow. His was super old and, well, lumpy. So uncomfortable!

Saturday evening was the Boise State game and the General Relief Society Broadcast. Since we don't have cable and the game was on ESPN I dropped Scott at campus on my way to the stake center. Our stake had a dinner beforehand and it was wonderful! I was a few minutes late and found a table with two other women I didn't know. Everything was beyond expectations with the dinner, meeting new friends and watching the broadcast. I can't tell you how much I love listening to President Monson. His words always inspire me and I can hardly wait to read through his talk again. My favorite story was about the woman looking at the neighbor's laundry through her dirty window and thinking the neighbor just didn't know how to properly wash her clothes.

During the broadcast I did feel a little homesick seeing the Conference Center in Salt Lake. I felt so far from home! That's ok though, because I made a few new friends! Spending the night with girls who are just like me (and from Utah) made me feel closer to home! :)

Well, after the broadcast I met Scott on campus to watch the second half of the game. Here are two photos for the day:

Game Day.
Scott can't find his Boise State hoodie.
Panic ensues.
The end result?
Clothes everywhere.
The hoodie prevails.

In the DMU Student Lounge watching the game.
Another highlight of the night was wearing my zebra shoes. 

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  1. Rachel, I enjoyed the broadcast too. We had a soup, salad and home made rolls for our dinner. I was in charge and we planned for 175 sisters. The room was full and everyone had a great time. The talks were awesome and memorable. Love keeping in touch on the computer. You're doing great! Growing experience for you!!