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September 9, 2010

His and Hers

Sometimes you need not share everything. It's the truth. Here are a few things that Scott and I don't share (thank heaven):

Undies. Always.
Socks. Usually. Our feet are the same size (yes my feet are giant) but I wear white socks and he wears black.
Toothbrush. Well, we share an electric toothbrush but we had different heads for it. I can barely handle that.
Computer. We each have our own laptop. Spoiled? Yes, but it really feels like a necessity sometimes.
Toilet paper. Need I say more?
Dinner. Sometimes. Last night Scott had salmon and I had potstickers. Mmm. I love Ling Ling!

Trying to think of more things we don't share and I'm coming up short. Probably a good thing. :) What do you think should not be shared?

1 comment:

  1. Rachel,
    Amazing, we have the same differences you do and an added one
    T-shirts - different styles, sizes and likes
    Tools - Keeps my handy in case of a quick repair in the house
    Bath Gel - Mal wants the more masculine scent