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September 10, 2010

DMU Family Week

I'm a little behind in blogging which is lame of me. I currently work weekdays until late afternoon then come home and cook dinner. From there I watch movies and such trying to occupy my time while Scott studies. No need to worry, I'm getting back on the horse!

On the 25th of August (a Wednesday) Scott's dad and sister Janelle came to visit! Best. Weekend. Ever. They arrived in the evening and we drove them through downtown on our way home for the night. We stayed up talking for a while and planning out our weekend. The next day Scott went to school and studied all day while Dave, Janelle and I went to Nauvoo. So awesome! Scott and I went to Nauvoo last October and this time I was able to see and do the things that we weren't able to do last time. It was a great day.

Friday we learned where Costco is, had lunch, and went to DMU for an Open House. We sat through lectures, toured the campus and met the Dean! After touring Kirksville's campus with Scott on his interview day I was grateful to see how much better the facilities are at DMU. Des Moines is the place for us to be, without a doubt.

Saturday morning was Scott's White Coat Ceremony at the Civic Center. It was so neat! All first year students participate in the ceremony where they receive a white coat and pins, sign the honor code, and take an oath. After the ceremony we made our way to Nebraska for baptisms at the Winter Quarters Temple! We also took time to walk through the Pioneer Cemetery, Visitor's Center and the Kanesville Tabernacle. What a day!

Sunday we all went to church together before Dave and Janelle had to catch their flight home. Our Sunday School topic was Unity in the Branch and I kept thinking "the branch is way more unified than any ward I have attended". It is nice to see the members striving for more.

A great few days with family where we drove the length of Iowa to visit two other states, learned a lot about church history,  bonded, and took pictures (of course)! Pictures in the next post. :)

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