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September 30, 2010

Scott's Week

Has consisted of classes and studying. A little eating and sleeping on the side of course, but mainly school (as planned). Last Monday he had a BioChem test. Last Friday he had his first anatomy test. Tomorrow he has another BioChem test.

Scott and I drive together in the mornings and when I get off in the evening I usually pick him up so we can go home and have dinner together before the studying starts again. We have a nice routine.

Today Scott left his phone at home, something that happens once every week or two. It is amazing that it is so difficult for us to survive without cell phones!  I was off early today so I was out running errands (I forgot to get stamps! Sorry Liz! That means your letter will be sent on Monday - maybe Tuesday). I called and text Scott a few times but figured he was in the anatomy lab or the library. Just before seven I got a text that said "Come get me please. No phone. Let's gchat when you get this". He sent me a text from the internet! :)

I logged into my email to Gchat (Google Chat) with Scott and found that I had three emails from Scott:
3:53 pm: No phone, come get me @ 9ish.  Respond when you can please?
4:38 pmNo phone, at school, please respond soon. Scared, Scott
5:32 pm: Save me please!!!

Oh boy. I went straight to DMU to pick up that guy I love. We came home, shared a bag of chips (yes a whole bag) and talked about our day. Now I'm blogging and he is studying. He'll be great tomorrow!

September 27, 2010

Rachel Miller - Wife, Daughter, Optimist, Mormon

Maybe one day I'll get to be the star of one of these videos. It's quite the way to share your beliefs with others and let the world know about "Mormons". :)

Also, I am loving

The past weekend was really great (aside from the giant migraine that hit late Saturday night). Saturday I spent most of the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry while Scott studied away, then Scott and I went out for a bit to get him a new pillow. His was super old and, well, lumpy. So uncomfortable!

Saturday evening was the Boise State game and the General Relief Society Broadcast. Since we don't have cable and the game was on ESPN I dropped Scott at campus on my way to the stake center. Our stake had a dinner beforehand and it was wonderful! I was a few minutes late and found a table with two other women I didn't know. Everything was beyond expectations with the dinner, meeting new friends and watching the broadcast. I can't tell you how much I love listening to President Monson. His words always inspire me and I can hardly wait to read through his talk again. My favorite story was about the woman looking at the neighbor's laundry through her dirty window and thinking the neighbor just didn't know how to properly wash her clothes.

During the broadcast I did feel a little homesick seeing the Conference Center in Salt Lake. I felt so far from home! That's ok though, because I made a few new friends! Spending the night with girls who are just like me (and from Utah) made me feel closer to home! :)

Well, after the broadcast I met Scott on campus to watch the second half of the game. Here are two photos for the day:

Game Day.
Scott can't find his Boise State hoodie.
Panic ensues.
The end result?
Clothes everywhere.
The hoodie prevails.

In the DMU Student Lounge watching the game.
Another highlight of the night was wearing my zebra shoes. 

Customer Service

Working in a customer service call center you get to talk to a lot of people. Younger people, older people, happy people, angry people...the list goes on. Next time you need to call into customer service for something, use these tips:

  • Need a live person but there isn't an option? Press 0. Don't enter anything. Enter random numbers. Say you don't have an account number. Say you need to report your card lost or stolen. These can help you get to a person faster.
  • Keep your cool and don't get too worked up. Representatives may leave notes and you don't want the next person you talk to to start the call thinking you're an angry customer that just can't be helped.
  • Ask for exactly what you want. If you're looking for results, don't beat around the bush. Don't tell the representative about your car breaking down, your dog dying, etc, etc if you're thinking it will help your case. You want a fee removed? Ask. You want to talk to a supervisor? Ask.
  • Listen to the representative and try to understand if they are explaining something. 
  • Have any and all information that may be needed at the ready. Bills, receipts, etc.
Do you have other tips to share? These are from my experience at work so far.

September 26, 2010


Today was my third Sunday teaching the Sunbeams at church. They are adorable! The sunbeams are the children who are three turning four and I have three little girls. How perfect! We have a wonderful time chatting, learning and coloring (of course).

The people I miss most from home are my nieces and nephews - all nine (soon to be ten) - so it's nice to be spending time learning from the minds of children. They really do say the sweetest things! Here is a conversation from last week:

"My mommy gets fat when she has a baby growing in her tummy."
"My mommy is fat because of stress. I just told her to forget the stress!"

I'm sure there will be many more memorable quotes to come. It reminds me of the film "The Mouth of Babes". I need to find a copy of that.

To end off a nice day at church I was set apart for my calling as a Primary Teacher. It is nice to know that callings really are inspired. I have been wanting to teach Sunbeams for ages, and now the time is here!

Our Apartment!

Long time is our apartment! We always welcome visitors. :)

Living Room


Bedroom! Sadly, we don't have a dust ruffle and we left our  nice comforter in Utah.
Bookshelf - holding many of my favorite things (including the "Rachel Doll" from my mom)!

The window shelves by our back door - my favorite part of our apartment!


September 16, 2010

Blog Photo

School Update

Remember this post?
Scott's class schedule.

Look closely and you'll see that he just finished up his first two classes.
Finals and all!

Don't worry though, his work load hasn't gotten lighter. 
It probably won't for another decade. At least.

His anatomy class continues to consume his time - mine too.
I get to help him study with these awesome flash cards:

We recommend them!

September 13, 2010

You've Got Mail

Not sure why I titled the post the way I did, because I really didn't like that movie. Maybe I should reconsider? We now have a Netflix subscription (with a giant thank you to those responsible (you know who you are)) so I can reevaluate the film quite easily.

Anyway, I just checked my email as I do daily and quickly cleared out six of the seven emails. The one I didn't delete? It was from my grandma! Emails from family are always my favorite. Sometimes it's difficult to connect on the phone and get in everything you have to say in one conversation.

Notes from my grandma that I have enjoyed:
1. Pray about it.
2. If you only have spiders, not too bad. (She lived with chiggers and ticks in Missouri. No fun.)
3. I am doing sewing for the gives me purpose.
4. I know you will do well at any job because you have an aim in life. (So inspirational!)
5. We just have to be as happy as we can in our own backyards.
6. You will enjoy it there. (Again, so inspirational!)

Love you Grandma!

September 11, 2010

September 11th

One year after the events of September 11, 2001 my ninth grade English teacher gave us an assignment: to write two pages about where we were and how we felt. This week I found a copy of the paper that I wrote, and I would like to share. The paper that I turned in had the text printed on pictures of the World Trade Center Towers both before and during the attacks, making my words a little more real.

In Remembrance of September 11th, 2001 (9/11)*
Rachel Eastland

   I was in the car with my Dad, because I had missed the bus. As I told him how school was going, one of his friends called on his cell phone and told him to turn on the TV. My Dad explained that he was in the car taking me to school. Then, while listening to his friends reply, he got a shocked look on his face. He then said to his friend "But aren't they two hours ahead of us??? That means everyone is at work.". After hearing a short reply, my Dad quickly hung up and started to ecplain to me. An airplane had hit The North World Trade Center Tower, killing the people on the plane, as well as those in the way of the aircraft. Just as he was telling me all of this his cell phone rand again. This time a different friend telling him the same thing. Then I heard my Dad, "They hit the Pentagon? This is bad. Very bad."/ I couldn't understand what was going on. American must be under attack, I thought. There is no other way that this many planes would crash all at the same time.
   My Dad dropped me off with his words carved into my mind. As I walked inside, I began to cry. What if this was going to be World War Three or something? What if our army wasn't large enough? What if they called people I knew and loved to go and fight? I knew that I was jumping to very large conclusions and tried comforting myself, but the tears still came. I went straight to a phone and called my dad. After begging for him to come back and get me, he said he needed to get to a TV and see what was going on. I said I could go with him, but he said to stay at school and call him back later if I was still having troubles. I said ok, and waited until my reddened face turned back to its usual color before going to the offive and turned in my note that excused me from being late. I got a late slip and walked slowly to my first period class. There wasn't much time left of class, but when I walked in the TV was on and everyone was watching and listening. Some people were also working, but mostly just watching. As I watched the screen, I saw replays of airplanes crashing into these large buildings over and over and over again. The reporters were talking about what was going on and how this was no accident. These three planes must've been hijacked.
   Once the tardy bell rand for second period, my teacher stood up and explained along with everything else we already knew that a fourth plane had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. As I began to fully understand what was happening, I became even more fearful of what else could happen to us. My crude awakening had taken away my acute sense of security.
   My teacher then said we could go out into the hallway and call home if we wanted to. As I walked into the hall I dialed my dad's cell phone number. We talked for a few minutes about what was going on and finally decided to hand up. I said that I might call him later, but if not then I would see him after school.
   I went through the day swiftly and calmly by pushing aside my fears. I even made a few jokes about this situation, not knowing how harsh they were for the circumstances that America now had to control.
   Once I arrived home I sat down to eat a snack in the kitchen. Just as I started to munch, my seventeen-year-old sister walked in from work. She asked if I understood and knew what had happened. She obviously didn't believe me and told me the events of that morning. She then told me that while at work she had had to call a woman who lives in New York to help her with a problem she was having. They had talked for a while about that morning and what it was like for each of them. This lady was working across the street from the World Trade Center and had seen the terror-stricken faces of people all around her. She also said that those inside the airliner has horrified looks on their faces. As she told me this story, my sister was almost in tears. Over the next few days, I realized how incredibly serious this circumstance what. Those hijackers had stolen a horde of people's lives by using airplanes as bombs to spread the innocent blood of our American family members. These terrorists had attacked us on our own soil. Well if they thought that we would just sit back and take it, then they were very wrong. We would fight back, and avenge our lose and injured brothers and sisters. They would pay for their atrocious crimes against America.
   Now, one year later, we have fought back, losing more of our friends, but at a cost full of goodness and love. They have died protecting us along with their fellow men in the field of our Wat on Terrorism. On this one-year anniversary, people around the country and the world have paid a tribute to those who died and helped to fight back for our safety and freedom.

*A recollection of images, emotions, and events that I experienced on that momentous and historical day.

September 10, 2010

Family Week Photos!

Eating lunch in Nauvoo.

Janelle and I with the Nauvoo Temple in the background.
In front of the Nauvoo Temple

We went on an ox wagon ride!

We also took a horse carriage ride to Inspiration Point.

Family day at DMU!

Scottie and I at DMU.

Making friends. :)

Medical schools have some cool stuff. Who knew?

Just after Scott's White Coat Ceremony.

The Winter Quarters, Nebraska Temple

Scott and Janelle playing the organ in the Kanesville Tabernacle.

Playing the organ in the Kanesville Tabernacle!

Dave playing the organ in the Kanesville Tabernacle.

Scott meeting Brigham Young

Learning from Brigham Young

DMU Family Week

I'm a little behind in blogging which is lame of me. I currently work weekdays until late afternoon then come home and cook dinner. From there I watch movies and such trying to occupy my time while Scott studies. No need to worry, I'm getting back on the horse!

On the 25th of August (a Wednesday) Scott's dad and sister Janelle came to visit! Best. Weekend. Ever. They arrived in the evening and we drove them through downtown on our way home for the night. We stayed up talking for a while and planning out our weekend. The next day Scott went to school and studied all day while Dave, Janelle and I went to Nauvoo. So awesome! Scott and I went to Nauvoo last October and this time I was able to see and do the things that we weren't able to do last time. It was a great day.

Friday we learned where Costco is, had lunch, and went to DMU for an Open House. We sat through lectures, toured the campus and met the Dean! After touring Kirksville's campus with Scott on his interview day I was grateful to see how much better the facilities are at DMU. Des Moines is the place for us to be, without a doubt.

Saturday morning was Scott's White Coat Ceremony at the Civic Center. It was so neat! All first year students participate in the ceremony where they receive a white coat and pins, sign the honor code, and take an oath. After the ceremony we made our way to Nebraska for baptisms at the Winter Quarters Temple! We also took time to walk through the Pioneer Cemetery, Visitor's Center and the Kanesville Tabernacle. What a day!

Sunday we all went to church together before Dave and Janelle had to catch their flight home. Our Sunday School topic was Unity in the Branch and I kept thinking "the branch is way more unified than any ward I have attended". It is nice to see the members striving for more.

A great few days with family where we drove the length of Iowa to visit two other states, learned a lot about church history,  bonded, and took pictures (of course)! Pictures in the next post. :)

September 9, 2010

Love My Husband

Yesterday Scott sent me a text while I was at work thanking me for being at work. :)

I love this guy! Don't fret. The wet spot on his shirt is just water.

Talking to Dave while watching Boise State beat Virginia Tech.

His and Hers

Sometimes you need not share everything. It's the truth. Here are a few things that Scott and I don't share (thank heaven):

Undies. Always.
Socks. Usually. Our feet are the same size (yes my feet are giant) but I wear white socks and he wears black.
Toothbrush. Well, we share an electric toothbrush but we had different heads for it. I can barely handle that.
Computer. We each have our own laptop. Spoiled? Yes, but it really feels like a necessity sometimes.
Toilet paper. Need I say more?
Dinner. Sometimes. Last night Scott had salmon and I had potstickers. Mmm. I love Ling Ling!

Trying to think of more things we don't share and I'm coming up short. Probably a good thing. :) What do you think should not be shared?

September 4, 2010

What's Hot and What's Not

Church. Thank Heaven that the Church is the same everywhere. I don't know how I would have faced the first three weeks without it.
Humidity. Literally. It keeps me from having to put lotion on ten times each day.
Popsicles. Not literally. They make the humidity bearable.
One-Way Streets. 
Timed Traffic Lights.
People. Church people, work people, school people, etc. I love them all!
Wood Floors. Easy to clean and they look great. Victory!
Our New Mattress! Seriously, the new bed makes all the difference.
GPS. We love our Garmin! We call him Garmy for short.


Smoking. Gross. SO many people here smoke. You would think they would remember it's a bad thing.
Insects. Well, mostly spiders actually. I have come to terms with the bugs, just not the spiders.
Bathroom w/out Drawers. Sad.
Bathroom w/Carpet. Gross.
Handwashing Dishes. Learning to love it.