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August 30, 2010

Officially Employed

Moving out of state generally brings a new job, especially when you are looking for any entry-level position. I was extremely fortunate to have found such a great job so soon - I have been in Des Moines for less than one month and today was day one. Things went very well!

Parking. No fun downtown. I thought I knew where I was able to park for free today but I was wrong. I ended up parking in a lot far away from all the busy streets. There weren't any signs specifying that it was a permit only lot, but I'm sure it was. All the other cars had permits in the window.

Arrival. Our trainer asked about parking and one girl said she had opted for the meter parking. We were able to take a break an hour later to move cars, so she and I ventured out together. Thank heaven. We walked to her car then drove to mine. I borrowed her map and she followed me...we found the lot easily! Small blessings people!

Training. Went smoothly. We introduced ourselves countless times and got to know each other fairly well. We are in a group of 12. We filled out basic paperwork and learned to operate access-only rotating doors. Tough day. :) I made some friends today that I think will stick...we have training together for three weeks.

The State Fair was a big topic today. I have decided that I will be in attendance next year. I only hear good things! I heard it was on the list of Top 10 Things to Do in The US. Interesting because I also heard that the Minnesota State Fair is much larger and more inviting. Hmm.

A Thousand Miles

Not the song by Vanessa Carlton, although maybe that should have been our road trip theme song. Hmm.

Moving here was difficult, but not as much as it could have been. Being able to take a few days to drive here with my dad and brother was wonderful. My dad had already taken over a week from work to take the family trip down the coast of Oregon and California and he didn't hesitate to take a few days more to help us.

Best dad in the world!

I had a great time getting to know Sean a little better and really just spending time with him and my dad. We all got to spend a lot of time together in the car and in Iowa while we moved in, went furniture shopping, and had a movie night.

I couldn't love these guys more! Steven included. :)

August 20, 2010

What to Do, What to Do?

I have yet to finish my Bachelor's and I can't seem to make a solid decision on how to proceed. I was attending Utah Valley University working toward a degree in Accounting. I decided I didn't like it and changed my major to Hospitality Management. The tricky thing here is that the core courses for my major are not offered in the summer and are not offered online. Boo.

What to do?

I can transfer Iowa State where tuition is just as much as DMU
I can change majors and finish online
I can do something else entirely
    Massage Therapy
    Emergency Medical Technician (I have always wanted to do this)
    Loan Officer Certification

Thoughts? Ideas? Assistance please.

Class Schedule

Class schedules in med school are very different from undergrad. Who knew? Here is Scott's schedule for years one and two. I won't lie, it's pretty confusing. Each class begins and ends on different dates (some courses correspond). Imagine taking block classes, semester classes and year classes all at one. Then multiply that times ten and add studying for boards. This is what you get:

August 14, 2010

Getting There

Well, we're finally here. Med school. But how did we get here?
  • Bachelor's Degree. Check.
  • Additional requirements. Check.
  • MCAT. Check.
  • Applications. Check.
  • Interviews. Check.
  • Acceptance. Check.
  • Deposit. Check.
  • Tuition. Check.
Phew. Now we only have school, rotations, internship and residency. The list gets shorter every day! :)

August 12, 2010

A Purpose

Last week my husband Scott started medical school! Even though we have moved away from all family and friends, started in a graduate program, got our own (real) apartment, etc. I feel like we are still on our way to life because this is really just the beginning.

And so it begins.